How SolveXia Redefined Fintech Marketing

See how SolveXia rocketed from obscurity to fintech fame with savvy inbound marketing.

How SolveXia Redefined Fintech Marketing


Search Engine Optimization Lead Generation Marketing Automation


2019 to 2024+

Project Overview

SolveXia is a low-code platform that automates spreadsheet-driven data preparation and manual processes. Finance and accounting teams choose SolveXia to unify data from systems and spreadsheets and automate their processes without involvement from IT.

SolveXia is an Australian SAAS company established for 15 years offering fintech solution with high LTV.


  • All sales historically came from word of mouth, conferences and cold calling.
  • Received minimal organic website traffic and no leads from the website.
  • All previous and current marketing efforts and blogs were driving little to no traffic or leads.
  • Struggled to grow, understood marketing could unlock this but and had no idea where to start.


  • Grow leads organically through the website and scale the business through marketing.
  • Avoid spending huge sums of money on paid campaigns like competitors and instead focus all efforts on organic traffic.
"etribal sky rocketed our organic monthly leads from 2 to 200 over the past 3 years!"
Adem Turgut
CEO at SolveXia


Created and implemented a step by step inbound marketing plan focused on driving organic traffic and converting leads.

  • A monthly plan was created and implemented by making the most impactful changes first.
  • Persona and competitor analysis created to focus on SEO and rebuilding the website.
  • Weekly blog content was also created to start driving traffic.
  • This was followed by lead nurturing via CTAs, AB testing and setting up focused marketing automation.
  • ebooks and data sheets were created to funnel traffic from blogs through the website to the end goal of booking a demo request.
  • Real time data analytics dashboards created for continual optimization.
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We started our work in March 2019. SolveXia were very overrwhelemed with what to do first and if the investment would really pay off and drive results. They did not have the vast sums of money to spend on paid campaigns like competitors but believed in  inbound marketing.

The key challenge was competing in a highly competitive industry of fintech with a relatively unkown website and many established highly funded competitors.

We focused on traffic building in 2019 and 2020, followed by lead generation in 2021 onwards.

SolveXia now has coverage across all major fintech finance related keywords with over 1,000 keywords ranked in the top 3 of Google. The value of the organic traffic if it was matched with paid campaigns would stand at $250k per month. This is the cost saving SolveXia makes every month through inbound.

SolveXia is now recognised as best in class in fintech particluarly around their core product offering of reconciliations in their core markets of USA, UK, and Australia.

Traffic: 30x Growth

Keywords: 30x Growth

Leads: 40x Growth

Opportunities: 60x Growth

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