How Publicate Turned Marketing Gridlock into Turbo Charged Growth

Explore Publicate's journey from declining traffic to 400% growth, powered by innovative inbound marketing strategies.

How Publicate Turned Marketing Gridlock into Turbo Charged Growth


Traffic Generation Conversion Optimization


2021 to 2023+

Project Overview

Publicate is a newsletter builder that helps create beautiful and processional emails. You can drag and drop content, customize the design, generate leads, and track the results. Publicate works with popular email platforms and lets you export and publish easily.

Publicate is a British company established for over 10 years offering B2B/B2C SaaS application with low LTV.

Current status:

  • Leads in decline and coming from two blogs that performed well historically but now on rapid decline.
  • Traffic low compared to competitors and decreasing each month.


  • Reignite organic traffic performance.
  • Drive leads from blogs and use it to scale company at a much faster rate.
“etribal improved our website authority so we now rank #1 on 10x more keywords”
Chris Bradley
CEO at Publicate


Created and implemented a step by step inbound marketing plan focused on driving traffic and converting leads.

  • A monthly plan was created and implemented by making the most impactful changes first.
  • Persona and competitor analysis created to focus and rebuild the website for SEO and lead generation.
  • Reworked key conversion pages such as features, product, signup to make messaging more impactful and relevant.
  • New blog layouts created, with side bars funnelling traffic to best converting pages and CTAs throughout blog.
  • Weekly blog content was produced to start driving traffic. It was focused around topics that drove historic success and expanded to new areas for growth.
  • Youtube content created focused on high converting topics.
  • Real time analytics dashboards produced to track performance and ongoing optimization for success.
  • Lead nurturing reinvented via marketing automation to improve conversion from sign up to purchase.
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We started our work in July 2021 when all key metrics were flat or falling. It took six month to start to see improvements in traffic and a year for growth in lead generation.

The key challenge was the scale of the work required to rebuild the foundations from the ground up.

Indications for future success were clear very early on, but it took time for organic growth to outweigh and then exceed falls from direct traffic.

Leads and traffic growth is now connsistant at 15% to 20% per month.

Traffic: 400% Growth

Keywords: 300% Growth

Leads: 89% Growth

Leads from Blogs: 254% Growth

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