13 Best B2B Websites: Best Practice Tips for Success

13 Best B2B Websites: Best Practice Tips for Success

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May 21, 2021
13 Best B2B Websites: Best Practice Tips for Success

To compete in the current marketplace, your marketing strategy should begin with an impressive B2B website. Innovative website design ideas include a clear call to action placement, text content, and organization. Here are some top tips you can learn from the best B2B websites and the website design services that will transform your website.

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What Is a B2B Website?

B2B or business to business is a marketing strategy intended to appeal to businesses large or small. The emphasis of the best B2B websites is different than B2C websites. Since you are focusing on business owners, you will need to address their needs and provide solutions for the running of their business.

The challenge of B2B web design ideas is to communicate value and express what you can contribute to a company in a single impression, that you can then capture an email address and nurture for often months until there is a sale. A slogan, image, and a call to action should be presented immediately. Finding an expert website designer will help you create a B2B website that will drive conversions. The following are some of the best B2B websites.


Asana is one of the best B2B Websites when it comes to the placement of calls to action. This project management platform attracts many users because of its clear encouragement to sign up and get started. Asana’s website is easy to navigate, attractive, and clearly labeled. It invites visitors to provide emails and to get started right away. Instructions are clear with screenshots that demonstrate how easy it is to use the service.

Asana’s website design is appealing and straightforward. Not only does its homepage have a clear, definitive call to action, but CTAs are strategically placed in a number of crucial areas.


The name “Acme” conjures images of industrial equipment, and indeed this company sells to logistics operators, shippers, and retailers. However, the website design is hardly staid. It is one of the most elegant B2B sites and can generate essential website design ideas such as “less is more.”

Acme lets its beautiful high-resolution photographs tell the story of its brand. Although the site may not be chocked full of words, it provides all of the information visitors need with grid-style vertical headings that bring readers into internal, specialized landing pages. Acme is one of the best B2B sites for its design and economy.


Seeing is believing with Zendesk. This provider of customer service solutions demonstrates they know what they are talking about with a user-friendly website design. Right from the initial visit, prospective customers are given the opportunity to try Zendesk’s service for free, to participate in a software demonstration, and chat with a live salesperson who can answer questions and provide guidance every step of the way.

Zendesk’s way of demonstrating that it is one of the best B2B websites is to provide great customer service to its potential clients. It takes every opportunity to put its services in the very best light from the moment visitors land on the website.


Grammarly helps its clients get to the point and express themselves clearly in writing. The website does the same with its smart website design. This service, which instantly provides corrections for grammar, syntax, and clarity for all types of communication is one of the best B2B websites for demonstrating value.

Grammarly shows upfront how its service works through helpful animations. Its flat design takes up the entire page and provides a focused message of what it does. This design works well on mobile devices and large screens alike. Users see right away what  Grammarly does and often sign up immediately.

Blake Envelopes

Even in a digital era, businesses still need envelopes. Blake’s Envelopes website design adds color and life to a potentially dull topic. Its website design emphasizes color and movement and can make an ordinary office supply task more inspiring. Visitors to the website may come for a practical reason and linger to look at the gorgeous pictures.

In addition to a striking website design, Blake Envelopes is one of the best B2B websites for interaction. As soon as a visitor lands on the site, they are invited to search for the envelope they need according to dimension, color, and style.


Bentobox, which provides online services, such as website design, online menus, and gift cards for restaurants is another website that uses visual elements to tell the brand’s story. Its minimalist and inspiring website design is aesthetically appealing and simple to use. Calls to action are easy to find and are centrally located on the site.

Brentobox is one of the best B2B websites because of its simplistic charm, intuitive design, and ease of use. It loads quickly because it is not bogged down with wordy content, and quick load times help attract customers and create conversions.


Sparefoot’s services are designed to help companies get organized. The website design shows that it understands the power of organization. Sparefoot is one of the best B2B websites for the ability to put its substantial content to good use.

There is a fair amount of words on the homepage, but it is organized in categories with charming drawings that are pretty easy to sift through. Sometimes companies need to provide plenty of information right on the homepage, and Sparefoot is an example of how to do it right, in a well-organized way with attractive images.


WeWork provides businesses with a clean, well-lighted place and this shows on its webpage. This company provides workspaces and does not waste time with lengthy descriptions. Its striking photographs and instant calls to action will get visitors searching for the best workspaces in their area.

WeWork is one of the best B2B websites because it focuses on the principle of “show don’t tell,” loads quickly, and invites visitors to search for spaces that meet their specifications and are close to them. The quicker a site loads and the sooner visitors can be encouraged to do a search or chat with a representative, conversions are increased.

WeWork is a prime example of what website design experts can do. To help your website reach this level of precision, elegance, ease of use, and direct communication, website design services can get you on the right track.

Proof Drinks

Proof Drinks, which focuses on importing, distributing, selling, and marketing drinks, has edgy-cool images, bold lettering, and a no-nonsense attitude. The website design is balanced between images and text and is well-structured and organized. The homepage describes clearly what the company does and features a succinct and engaging story of the company’s history.

The bottom of the homepage features categories with attractive images guiding visitors to click for more information with calls to action to shop, contact or discover more about the company. A well-organized top column of categories leads visitors to explore brands and to purchase products.


Zoom was one of the most commonly-used services during the COVID-19 pandemic with remote schooling and virtual business meetings. When you have a meeting to attend, Zoom provides a streamlined website that will guide you to where you need to access services instantly. The website design is no-nonsense with a minimum of written content with a user-friendly interface.

Zoom is one of the best B2B websites for quick access and easy-to-use services. If you need help, Zoom service center is right there and can be located at a glance. It is perfect for people who have a meeting to catch.


Dropbox may not have fancy bells and whistles, but then again, with a service that is so vital to doing business, Dropbox doesn’t need any. Its simple yet elegant web design features a striking color scheme of various shades of blue. Instead of featuring dramatic images and loads of written content, Dropbox in a few easy steps describes their service with a few call-to-action buttons to get visitors to sign up.

Dropbox is one of the best B2B websites when it comes to demonstrating value in a few simple examples. There is no need to use overt sales tactics with Dropbox if the company can show the inherent value of its product with a simple website design.


Anyone who has used Mailchimp may recognize their distinctive yellow shade and snappy written content, such as the headline “You’ve Got Big Ideas, Now What?” It can back up its sassy tone with an essential service that has a strong reputation for taking email marketing to the next level.

Mailchimp is one of the best B2B websites for understanding its clients’ needs and pain points. Its snappy text addresses issues and solutions companies are looking for and provides information about its services upfront. Its animations demonstrate how to use these services and any problems that arise can be addressed promptly by customer service.


Trello provides project management software that keeps employees and employers literally on the same page at every phase. The website design reflects Trello’s mastery of organization and gives visitors a clear idea of how the service works through a slideshow demonstration.

Trello is one of the best B2B websites when it comes to giving visitors a realistic look at a service, and the demo is as close to the real thing as you can get. Among the most valuable website design ideas is to use introduce interactive content whenever possible to win over customers and give them a clear idea of the value of your service.

13 Best B2B Websites: Best Practice Tips for Success

Find the Right Designer to Revitalize your Web Strategy

A web designer can help you incorporate the best website design ideas from the best B2B websites for your own eCommerce site. Make sure you use an expert digital marketers to help the designers implement the best UX, CTA placement and SEO to give you the best chances for success.

A marketing agency or freelance marketers can help with this understanding your brand’s message and how to communicate it with your designers. Finding effective digital marketers can increase traffic to your site and will inspire confidence in potential customers and clients.