10 B2B Marketing Website Examples to Transform Success

10 B2B Marketing Website Examples to Transform Success

Inbound Marketing
November 20, 2020
10 B2B Marketing Website Examples to Transform Success

Like a storefront, your website is the face of your business. It’s important to present it in a way that’s both professional and aesthetically attractive. In fact, 75% of people say that they judge a company’s credibility based on their website’s design. Here, we’ll go over some of the best B2B marketing website examples so you can get some inspiration for your own site.

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Key Elements of an Effective B2B Marketing Website

There’s a lot more than just design that goes into an effective B2B marketing website. Let’s take a closer look at the different elements that make up a successful B2B marketing website.

Strong Buyer Persona

To reach your target audience, you first need to know who they are. A buyer’s persona goes a step farther. Develop a specific persona for your ideal client. This will help guide everything from the design of your website to your marketing campaigns.

Good Use of Keywords

Ensure that all the most important pages on your website are using the right keywords. This will help your site rank higher on search engines, leading to more traffic. Not sure where to begin? Hire an SEO freelancer to help you research the right keywords.

A marketing network can help you with this by lifting the burden of finding and hiring the right freelancer off of your shoulders. By working with a marketing network, you’ll have access to the best freelance SEO experts. You can also use it for other marketing professionals to help you when you need it.

User-friendly Interface

Good design is important, but perhaps not as important as user experience. Your site should be a breeze to navigate, pages should load quickly, and the content’s placement needs to follow the right flow.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Integrate feedback from previous clients in the form of testimonials, reviews, or case studies. This is a great way to establish credibility and get people who land on your website to trust your brand.

B2B vs B2C Website Design

The ultimate difference between how you design a B2B website when compared to a B2C website is who you’re marketing to.

On a B2C website, consumers are influenced by branding and emotion and make decisions based on price. When it comes to B2B websites, on the other hand, there often isn’t only one person making a decision. It’s usually a team or department that decides whether or not to begin working with your company. Additionally, pricing isn’t typically fixed and is based on a specific client’s needs, so this isn’t a main motivator.

Taking that into a consideration, a B2B website needs to be a lot more detail-heavy and include as much information as possible to help inform your client’s decision. The tone of your website should be more straightforward and informative rather than emotional. Moreover, instead of pushing your brand, you should be pushing your success stories, like the testimonials or case studies we mentioned earlier.

B2B Website Content Tips

These B2B website best practices will help ensure your site works towards your goal and attracts the right clients.

  • Explain your products: be very direct about what you offer so that visitors have a clear idea of what your company does.
  • Show the benefits: using client feedback is so important in demonstrating what a client can gain by working with you.
  • Content placement: you want to direct your visitors to call-to-actions (CTAs), as where you put content on the page matters for conversion.

Aside from these three recommendations, the best thing you can do for your B2B website is to consult with professionals. Reach out to a marketing network to find solutions on how to improve your website to better convert clients and skyrocket performance.

Best B2B Marketing Website Examples

To put all this information into context, it’ll help if we look over some examples of B2B websites that have been successful.

1. Drift

10 B2B Marketing Website Examples to Transform Success

Drift uses a visually striking design to guide a visitor’s eye to the most important information: titles that describe the company and powerful CTAs. From email capture forms, to download links, and even “learn more” buttons, the CTAs are varied and in all the right places as you navigate through the homepage.

You’ll also notice a friendly smiling face as you land on their page, which is meant to reflect their buyer persona and immediately makes the company seem approachable and relatable.

2. Asana

10 B2B Marketing Website Examples to Transform Success

This website uses a clean and modern design that draws your attention to the most important part of the page: the CTAs. It’s tough to miss the different CTA buttons on Asana’s website. You’ll also notice that there’s a lot of whitespace and is generally uncluttered, which relates well for a team management tool that’s meant to organize and improve workflows for their customers.

You also get a very clear idea of what Asana offers by scrolling through the homepage and other pages of their site. Lastly, the testimonials complete with customer photos do a great job at capturing attention and humanizing the brand.

3. Trello

10 B2B Marketing Website Examples to Transform Success

Trello’s website does simplicity at its best. The website is designed with lots of space and branded imagery. There’s a clear and concise description of the company’s services accompanied by a CTA as soon as you land on the homepage. Keep scrolling and you’ll find more details about the company and their services.

Trello homepage is simple and non-distracting and nearly every link and CTA button leads the visitor to where Trello wants them to go: a sign-up page.

4. Hubspot

10 B2B Marketing Website Examples to Transform Success

Hubspot offers many different solutions for various types of teams from sales and marketing to customer service. Despite their huge suite of services, they don’t attempt to promote it all at once on their website. Instead, Hubspot uses CTAs and a simple layout to call attention to the services and products they want visitors to find.

Content about their different services is broken down into digestible bits of information and Hubspot directs visitors to where they can find more details.

5. Dropbox for Business

10 B2B Marketing Website Examples to Transform Success

At first glance, it may seem like there’s a lot going on on the Dropbox for Business page, but all the information a customer might need is right there on one page. The homepage becomes simpler as you begin scrolling. However, unlike most other websites on this list, one of the first pieces of information you get on Dropbox’s website is their pricing plans.

Most people already know what Dropbox is, so there’s less of a need to explain the services as visitors on the website are likely busy and simply want to know about the different plans available.

6. Magnetica

10 B2B Marketing Website Examples to Transform Success

There’s no bells and whistles here, just very clear and concise sections, titles, and information that tells you exactly what to expect from Magnetica. The information on each page isn’t too overbearing and uses a good mix of images and text to get their point across. More than that, there are a good number of CTAs and handy “email us” buttons on nearly every page. This makes it clear that Magnetica wants site visitors to reach out.

7. Mailchimp

10 B2B Marketing Website Examples to Transform Success

Mailchimp’s homepage uses an infinite scrolling page here to provide users with as much information as possible about their services. The choice of yellow when landing on the homepage is striking and eye-catching. But, as you keep scrolling, the design becomes softer by utilizing a muted color palette with just the right amount of empty space to not overload you.

Mailchimp provides snapshots of their best attributes and benefits without going into too much detail. When navigating through their website, the design and imagery is cohesive and establishes strong branding, and the header with the all-important “sign up for free” CTA follows you to every page.

8. Evernote Business

10 B2B Marketing Website Examples to Transform Success

The Evernote Business website gets right into the good stuff by showing visitors exactly how their product can help businesses. The homepage starts out with a visually bold declaration to “bring your team’s work together”. It then continues with a more simple design.

Using minimalist icons with branded coloring coupled with short descriptions, Evernote highlights their best qualities and demonstrates the benefits their users get from its software.

Finally, a section linking to customer success stories does a good job of providing social proof, authenticity and credibility. In B2B, It’s particularly impactful if the testimonial is from another competitor in the same industry. It creates a fear of falling behind or missing out.

9. Slack

10 B2B Marketing Website Examples to Transform Success

Slack has the advantage of being pretty well-known in the business world. Their website relies more on their reputation as opposed to the typical sales pitch. One of the most prominent links on the homepage takes you to a case studies section. This shows how Slack relies on its existing customers to engage new ones. The header includes links to other pages full of resources and information, and of course, a bright CTA button that follows you everywhere.

10. Grammarly

10 B2B Marketing Website Examples to Transform Success

Like their slogan, “great writing, simplified,” Grammarly’s website uses the same logic. It’s simple, minimal, and to the point. Instead of relying only on images, Grammarly uses animations to show just how easy it is to use their product. The website features clear instructions to add the extension to your browser. In addition to credible testimonials and a list of their big name users.

Since their product is fairly straightforward, Grammarly’s website focuses less on how to use their product, but rather where to use it. This affirms that it’s a handy all-around tool you’ll be able to use on many platforms.

Learning & Key Takeaways

It’s a good idea to continue browsing your favorite B2B websites to get inspiration for your own. When coming up with a design for your B2B marketing website, just remember to keep the following things in mind:

  • Your target audience and buyer persona
  • Feature customer feedback prominently
  • Placement of CTAs in the right places
  • Having the right keywords throughout your site
  • A clear and easy user interface

If it seems daunting to get this all done with limited resources, don’t be discouraged. There are services to help guide you through this process, like marketing networks. In a marketing network, you’ll be able to find and work with vetted freelance professionals who can help you with everything from creating custom graphics, writing original content, building an SEO strategy, and so much more.